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Edeowie House is close to Edeowie gorge and Bunyeroo gorge walk. Enjoy the sunsets on the Wipena Pound range and the Heysen range have your camera ready.

Edeowie House

Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

Edeowie House located on Edeowie station which is an operating sheep station in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Edeowie is located approximately 56 Kms North of Hawker on the Hawker to Parachilna road on the Western side of Wilpena Pound.

Edeowie House
Edeowie House

Looking to Wilpena pound

Looking towards Wilpena pound

See the dish of Wilpena Pound straight behind the clothes line.

Towards Edeowie Gorge

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From Hawker, Edeowie is 56km North towards Leigh Creek. The Shearer's Quarters is near the homestead of Edeowie but still provides independent living.

Enjoy the scenic view and afternoon colours of the HEYSEN RANGE and WILPENA POUND.